Storytelling Magazine comes from a long experience and practice of « storytelling » : telling stories, sharing identity and authenticity through stories is the best practice for communication and marketing … emotion and guaranteed fun ! See also the website (fr) and our e-storytelling works.

Our experience consist also in organizing short stories competitions and new literary publication through books, and through a magazine and a publishing house.

From all these means we offer an innovative concept :

Send your stories and we will publish them on the site, if we judge quality
Let us advise you to format your story: Level 1, quick tip; Level 2 support and monitoring
Storytelling Magazine as a print magazine, published every two months, narrative presentations of brands, products, territories, artists who want to get exposure to a storytelling mode. Whenever two or three topics are selected. We also have, of course, various topics about storytelling.
Nothing prevents you to practice today as the luxury brands for example, a live storytelling, attractive, which marks the minds and we remember. The first step is a pleasure !

You do not know well how to format your first try ? Fill in the form on this page, we will send you free tips for beginners.